What one wears influences how one thinks and feels. We dress in uniform and look sharp because we want to have sharp minds, and we want to show respect for the school, our work, one another, and ourselves. We also present as a unified, dignified, respectable group when in public.

Students are able to express their unique personalities through a personal choice of hair styles and reasonable jewelry, as long as these are not distracting to the other students.

Girls may wear lip gloss & nail polish, but no other make-up.

If a student arrives at school out of uniform or in violation of the dress code, he or she will be given a uniform to wear for the day and issued with a fine of $5.00 per dress code violation.

We have chosen Marks & Spencer, who have long provided affordable, durable school uniforms to the British, as our primary uniform source, but you can also find these items at Old Navy, Lands End, Walmart, Target, or the Children's Place

Please order your uniforms by July at the latest to make sure you have them in the correct sizes and ready for the beginning of term.



Choice of Bottoms: 

Girls' Trousers (navy, grey or black):

Ecupper Womens Casual Loose Elastic Waist Cotton Trouser Cropped Wide Leg Pants (black, dark blue, or gray):



Choice of Bottoms: 

Boys' Trousers (navy, grey, or black):


 Shorts (navy, grey, or black):



Choice of Tops:

Short-sleeve Polo Shirts (white or navy):

Long-Sleeve Polo Shirts (white or navy):

Sweater (grey, navy, or black):

Hooded Sweatshirt (black, gray or navy):

Cardigan (black, gray, or navy)



Choice of Tops:

Short-sleeve Polo Shirts (white, navy, or striped):

Unisex Long-Sleeve Polo Shirts (white or navy):

Sweater (grey, navy, or black):


Hooded Sweatshirt (black, gray, or navy):

Color-blocked fleece sweater jacket (navy/gray):

Dress Down Day:

Students will have the opportunity to earn dress down days.

On these days, students may wear a St. Anthonys t-shirt rather than a uniform shirt.

t-shirt adverts.png

Socks & Indoor Slipper options:

Knitted Slipper Socks:

Knitted Sports Socks (black):


Students are free to express themselves in their choice of footwear, within reason - any comfortable, practical, close-toed shoes, as long as they are not distracting (no blinking lights, high heels, or bells, please)

Shoe Stand

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