Dollar Bills

Tuition, Fees & Commitments 2022-23

2022-23 Tuition:.  

We do not want tuition cost to be a barrier for any family who belongs at St. Anthonys Academy.  Ideally, each family could contribute $8,000, but we ask that each family prayerfully & sincerely consider what they are able to commit to and meet with us to discuss options. 

Each student, through her sales & work in the student business, is responsible for contributing to the cost of her education & for covering any surplus of supplies. Taking this responsibility & working towards establishing independence is an integral part of the student's education.

Read more about required student work in our student business.

  • You may choose to pay in:

    • ANNUAL: one payment due 1 July 2022 (Zelle or check accepted)

    • BI-ANNUAL: 2 payments due 1 July 2022 & 1 January 2023 (Zelle or check accepted)

    • MONTHLY: 10 automatic withdrawals from 1 July 2022 to 1 April 2023

  • All monthly tuition plans must be arranged through automatic bank debit. If automatic debit is not arranged by 1 July, administrative late fees will be added to the tuition due at the rate of $75/month.

  • If a tuition payment is late, administrative late fees will accrue at the rate of $5 per day.  If there is a family hardship, please schedule a meeting with the Directress as soon as possible to arrange payment options.

  • Families who enroll between 1 July and 1 September & opt for a monthly plan will need to pay July & August tuition upfront.

  • Families who enroll after 1 September & opt for the monthly plan will be on a prorated plan with two month's tuition due upfront


  • $30 application fee: counts towards your enrollment fee

  • *$450 enrollment fee

  • *$400 supply fee/1st student: due with enrollment; $200 supply fee/2nd student: due by 1 Jan

  • $50 records fee: IF you submit your medical paperwork  after 1 August 2022

  • $500 opt out fee: IF you opt out of doing your family fundraising

  • Each family will be responsible for covering any museum admission fees, tickets, or extra curricular events for their own student.

  • all fees are non-refundable

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Family Commitments:

  • Attendance at the Parent Orientation meeting (at least one parent)

  • volunteer hours The school cannot survive without a reasonable amount of support & involvement from each family. We have opted to depend upon parents' generosity rather than require a certain number of hours. Please commit to giving as much help as you are able to give, understanding that this will look different for each family.

  • 10 student volunteer/community service hours per student, per semester (20 per year)

  • Student Work Study: students take some responsibility for contributing to their education by working in the Black Arrow Market and organizing dances & other student ventures that contribute to the economy of the school.

  • Attendance at 2 Parent Education nights (at least one parent) 

  • An annual family fundraising goal of at least $500  - In order to keep tuition reasonable, St. Anthonys Academy asks that each family participate in fundraising to the best of their ability. Tuition is not tax deductable, but fundraising provides the opportunity for families to invite family members, friends, and neighbors to support SAA, or to make a tax-deductible contribution themselves. Each family is required to fundraise $500 annually.