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Dollar Bills

Tuition, Fees & Commitments

For the Full Program at our Hybrid Cottage School (includes courses MWF, 8:15 am - 4:15 pm)

*For Semester-long, Drop-in, & Short Term Courses for Homeschoolers & Adults, go to Our Courses

Tuition: $6,500.00

Classes are kept small so that Guides can give personal attention to each student & help each create a unique work plan that works for him or her.

  • You may choose to pay in:

    • SEMESTER: one payment of your total Tuition due for that semester at enrollment (Zelle or check accepted)

    • MONTHLY: tuition divided evenly between remaining school months, with two months' tuition due upfront and the rest taken in automatic withdrawals

  • If a tuition payment is late, administrative late fees will accrue at the rate of $5 per day, to be capped at $100/month. Students will not be allowed to attend class until their tuition is paid. If there is a family hardship, please schedule a meeting with the Directress as soon as possible to arrange payment options.

  • Families who enroll after the beginning of the semester will be on a prorated plan with two month's tuition or total tuition due upfront.


  • *$350 family enrollment fee due at time of enrollment

  • *$200 supply fee per student due at time of enrollment

  • $50 records fee: IF you submit your medical paperwork late

  • $500 opt out fee: IF you opt out of doing your family fundraising

  • Each family will be responsible for covering any museum admission fees, tickets, or extra curricular events for their own student.

  • all fees are non-refundable

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Family Commitments:

  • Attendance at the Parent Orientation meeting (at least one parent and attending students)

  • volunteer hours The school cannot survive without a reasonable amount of support & involvement from each family. We require:​ 15 hours/semester for families with one child enrolled and 20 hours/semester for families with more than one child enrolled. Hours may be completed by parents, SAA students, older siblings, and grandparents.

  • Attendance at Family Education nights (at least one parent) each semester.

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