Dollar Bills

Tuition, Fees & Parent Obligations

2021-22 Tuition:.  


Full Day Track

1st student:  $8,000.00 

2nd student: $7,500.00

Practical Arts Track

$7,000 per student

Afternoon Track

$3,000 per student

  • All tuition will be done through automatic bank debit.

  • You may choose to pay in one payment in June 2021, or in 10 automatic withdrawals from June 2021 to March 2022

  • Parents who enroll after September 1 will be on a monthly prorated plan, with two month's tuition due upfront

Arts & Life Skills Track

$1,000/year or $125/month per non-St. Anthonys student

(included for all St. Anthonys students)

Athletic Club

$700/yr or $85/month per non-St. Anthonys student

($400/year or $45/month for students enrolled in the Full Day, Practical Arts, or Afternoon Track at St. Anthonys)


It is our desire to provide an affordable education for the families who truly belong at SAA. To that end, we have chosen to charge only a portion of what it actually costs per student.

Given the uniqueness of our program, particularly that we ask our families to agree to the no technology policy, we highly value those families who are eager to embrace this Christ-centered, technology-free, classical and experiential lifestyle.  We place high value on the principles of education that will likely be instilled in our potential students by parents who attended or teach at the University of Dallas or Wyoming Catholic College (which is founded on the philosophy of John Senior) and the familiarity with Montessori & love of the Faith provided by an education at St. Francis Montessori.

In order to help those families to join us at St. Anthonys, we offer up to $2,000 off tuition for all those who register for the full program: 

  • a $1,000 discount for for the children of professors/graduates of University of Dallas,  &/or Gregory the Great Academy

  • a $1,000 discount for SFM alumni and the children of SFM teachers


  • There is a non-refundable $30 application fee for new families

  • There is a non-refundable enrollment fee of $350 due with your enrollment form (this fee will be put towards materials).

  • There is a $200 supply fee due with enrollment (this can also be paid out $100 by 1 August, $100 by 1 January)

  • If you opt out of contributing your 20 volunteer hours, there is a $500 opt out fee.

  • If you opt out of doing your family fundraising, there is a fee of $500.

  • Each family will be responsible for covering any museum admission fees, tickets, or extra curricular events for their own student.

Parent Obligations:

We do not wish to unnecessarily burden our already busy parents, but we do ask for a reasonable amount of support & involvement.

  • Attendance at the Parent Orientation meeting 

  • 20 hours of volunteer work per school year or payment of the $500 opt out fee (attendance at Parent Education nights is counted towards volunteer hours)

  • Attendance at 2 Parent Education nights

  • An annual family fundraising contribution of at least $500 for Full Program & Morning Track familiesIn order to keep tuition reasonable, St. Anthonys Academy requires that each family participate in fundraising. Tuition is not tax deductable, but fundraising provides the opportunity for families to invite family members, friends, and neighbors to support SAA, or to make a tax-deductible contribution themselves. Each family is required to fundraise $500 annually.