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Of air-born honey,

gift of heaven, I now take up the tale....

Natural Science

John Senior emphasized the importance of reconnecting with the natural world, the seasons, the weather, and the earth. We cannot all be on a farm in the country, but we can all strive to meet these goals in our own way as city dwellers.

The students will study permaculture through hands-on learning - seeing through experience how everything is designed to work together for good.

They will engage in urban gardening, composting & reinvigorating soil, herbal identification & uses, among other things.


In the 2020-21 school year we will work on designing & constructing a classroom, make clay & straw bricks, explore metal smelting, make weapons fashioned after the ancients' and begin beekeeping. Over the next few years we plan to incorporate more animal husbandry with chickens and/or quail and rabbits.

Students will keep a nature book in which they will record illustrations of plants & animals, notes on their care, & recipes for tinctures, salves, etc., poems and notes on the changes observed throughout the year, and more.

As they progress through the school, students will be introduced to different methods of scientific research (qualitative and quantitative) and investigate natural phenomena through their own research projects. Under supervision from published research scientists, they will produce their own scientific papers.