Quadrivium (Mathematics)

Work plans will be created based on the needs of each student, working with manipulatives, and drawing from various sources such as Working with Algebra Tiles, The Adolescent Math Institute, and Exploring Mathematics: Investigations with Functions. 

Students will move at their own pace through geometry & algebra, statistics, probability, number theory, trigonometry, calculus, & music theory.

As the students work to complete their individual work plans, they will have access to the tutor, who will offer individual assistance & assessment and small group lessons.

Students will have the option of taking the Classic Learning Test for a wider assessment in May.

High School students will have the options of AP exams and taking college classes through the University of London.

The students will also be applying & learning arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, & physics by doing things like:

- designing and building chicken coops, rabbit hutches, beehives, and raised garden beds

- crafting a long bow

- measuring the trajectories & baslistics of arrows and spears

- measuring Young's Modulus in various types of wood

& many other hands-on activities.

Our math program is devised so that the students will exceed state standards, & will not only know how to recognize & work with abstract formulas, but will have a real knowledge of how those formulas look in practical application.