St. Anthonys Academy Handbook


- Students will be expected to show proper respect for adult authority at all times, in front of them, as well as behind their backs. Instructors and staff should be addressed with Father, Dr., Mr., Mrs., or Miss along with the last name.

- Students must adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church

- Students will refrain from bringing pop-culture into the classroom

- Students commit to not having social media accounts of any kind while studying with us

- Students will refrain from having/using cell phones, tablets or video games (100% at school, and at home other than family movie night) to foster a common culture unencumbered by the time-consuming and malforming influences of technology on the developing brain - and to promote time better spent engaging with others and nature

- Students are not to bring electronic equipment (iPods, laptops, cell phones, radios, CD players, etc.).  A fine will be given if any of these devices are used without permission. To use a phone for a good reason, ask an adult on duty and stay where they can see you while speaking on the phone.

- Students agree to pursue modesty & abide by the dress code

- Students are expected to exercise exemplary etiquette, particularly when out at museums, galleries, or other public places

- Students must refrain from complaining, as it poisons the environment for everyone. Any complaining will be balanced by a gratitude assignment.

- Students should be absolutely honest in word and in action

- Students will refrain from excessive talking or any other disruptive behavior in the classroom 

- Students will be expected to be respectful of other students and their property, as well as all class/eating areas and vehicles. When damage is accidental or otherwise, one ought to face up to the problem, apologize and offer to make up for or repair the damage.

Each person is responsible for cleaning up after himself in the class and lunch areas, as well as vehicles.

- Disrespectful and bad attitudes of students will not be tolerated.

- Inappropriate language, conversations, and boy-girl situations are not acceptable. Students will refrain from touching other students

- Pranks are not allowed.

- Except for designated eating areas, food and drinks other than water are not allowed in class areas. 

- Birthdays/name days will not be celebrated during classroom hours, but a healthy treat may be brought to share at lunch.

- Repeated violations of the rules of conduct could result in suspension or expulsion


Please read about our uniforms here. Uniforms must be worn each day. If a student arrives out of uniform, he/she will be given a uniform to borrow for the day.


- All families and students agree to abide by the no technology policy for the duration of the student's enrollment in St. Anthonys'. If even one student is watching TV, playing video games, and getting caught up in pop culture at home, it brings a disturbing attitude & worldliness that effects the entire class negatively.

- We want our students to be actively engaged with the real world around them, speaking with their fellow students & teachers, &  developing healthy brains. We also want to guard against the invasive onslaught of pornography. To this end, technology (screens of any type) in the classroom is limited to the occasional video demonstration (for example, a YouTube clip) shown by the teacher to the class. Students may not touch or use teachers' phones except in the case of an emergency, in which case a call may be made with permission.

- Students are not allowed access to any phones, tablets, televisions, video games or computers at any time during school hours or functions, including when traveling in vehicles, and are not allowed to own phones, tablets, or computers themselves.

- In situations where it is not a distraction from the class, and it may be pleasant to listen to music while working,  music (classical, swing, or folk) may be played by the teacher over a radio or phone. Students are not allowed to touch the device or tamper with the music in any way.

- when traveling in vehicles of teachers, classical, swing, or folk music or appropriate classics on audio book may be played.

​- We hope to have famliies join SAA who are aligned with our mission & cheerfully embrace a serious limitation of technology in the lives of our students, families who are happy to put aside phones, tablets, computers, video games or any social media accounts for the good of the student. We ask that families encourage their students to spend their time engaging with people, nature, and in healthy activities and that any home screen time be had on the weekend and as a family, such as a family movie night.

"For desire of the real to rise up, there must be something real to arouse it, and gadgets, computers, and gimmicks used to hold attention, all taking place in the classroom environments technologically insulated from reality, are simply parts of the generally unlovable atmosphere of modern education - unlovable because they are all efficiency, utility, and no longer beautiful." - James S. Taylor, Poetic Knowledge



Violations regarding cell phone use or use of other electronic devices:

1st time: $25 fine and a conference with student and parents

2nd time: removal from the school. Any remaining tuition must be paid.

Violations of the dress code:

1st time: verbal warning to the student

2nd time: verbal warning, $5 fine, email to the parents

3rd time: $10 fine, conference with student and parents

If repeated infractions of the dress code occur, the student's desire to participate in the mission of the school will be discussed, resulting in possible dismissal from the school if compliance is not forthcoming.


Disobedience, behavioral infractions, and inappropriate touching:

1st time- the teacher will address the issue with the student & an email will be sent to the parent

2nd time-parent conference with the Disciplinary committee

3rd time-student is expelled for the remainder of the semester

The family will still be responsible for the rest of the semester's tuition.

At the discretion of the Director, some offenses may result in immediate dismissal from the school, with no refund of tuition or fees. The Director reserves the right to make final decisions.


The following are signs and symptoms that should alert you to the possibility of a contagious disease. Please consult your child's physician as appropriate, and do not bring your child to Co-op until an infectious cause has been ruled out. 

1) A fever over 100 F on the ear thermometer, under the arm, oral, or rectal. 

2) Any type of rash or questionable bumps, and/or red spots. (Contagious infections frequently first manifest themselves as rashes in children. Many of these infections are viral and a physician can estimate an appropriate quarantine time. In addition, rashes due to bacterial infection should be treated with appropriate antibiotics to lessen disease severity, prevent spread, and prevent further complications) 

3) Green/Yellow/Brown Mucus coming out of the nose, mouth, or eyes. (As with rashes, allergies, viruses, or bacteria can cause nasal and conjunctival discharge. The viral contagions are easily spread by children and therefore should be quarantined quickly. For conjunctivitis and bacterial causes of discharge, at least 24 hours of antibiotics should be given prior to return to school. For viral infections, resolution of symptoms is generally when the child is no longer contagious.) 

4) Uncontrollable coughing with or without congestion. (Coughing is often the sign of infection, asthma, or allergies. If coughing is persistent, appropriate medication should be prescribed/recommended to alleviate the symptoms.) 

5) Loose stool or diarrhea more than once in a day. (The child should not come back to class until they have gone 24 hours without diarrhea. As long as the child has diarrhea they should be considered contagious). 

6) Vomiting or stomach flu of any kind. (The child should not come back to class until they have gone 24 hours without vomiting. As long as the child is vomiting, they should be considered contagious). Please do not bring your child to co-op if he or she exhibits any of these symptoms. If you bring your child with these symptoms, you will be called to pick him or her up. 

Please remember these policies are set in place to protect the overall health of all of the children and families in our Co-op. If you bring your child to class sick, you risk infecting not only the teachers that provide academic instruction for your child, but also the other children in our program, as well as their families, possibly making them miss work or school, birthdays, and other important social occasions. The 'Golden Rule' applies here as much as anywhere else -- if you would not want your child exposed to any of the symptoms that he or she has, others would not want their children exposed, either.--Thank you for keeping your sick child home and keeping our Co-op as healthy as possible.


It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the Director and Tutors if your student will be absent.

If your child requires any medication, inform the Director personally.



We believe that vaccinating one's children is a personal decision that should be left to the informed judgment of the parents.

Vaccinations are not required to attend St. Anthonys. In accordance with state law, if you choose not to vaccinate, please turn in a copy of your Texas State exemption form with your application. 


Parents must inform the director and teachers by text message if their student will be absent from any class(es). Please give as much notice as possible. 



Students should bring their own lunches, snacks, & full water bottles to school each day.  Please send healthy, whole food lunches - no chips, candy, or soda, please. We will have a snack at 10 am each morning - snacks should be simple, small portions of nuts, fruit or vegetables that need no preparation. 

If your child has a peanut or other serious allergy, please inform the Directress, so that she can make guidelines for snacks/lunches. This will be on a year to year basis, depending on the student body, but it is the parent’s ultimate responsibility to oversee this concern.      



If St. Francis Montessori and/or the University of Dallas close for inclement weather, we will also be closed. 



Plagiarism is considered a very serious offense at every academic institution. It is a form of lying.  At the 1st offense, there will be a phone call from the director and a meeting with the director, parent, teacher and student to discuss the seriousness of this offense.  At the 2nd offense, the student will be removed  from the school for the remainder of the year with no refunds and the usual payment schedules will apply, depending on the time of year. In general, be aware that plagiarism includes knowingly:

·         turning in someone else's work as your own

·         copying words or ideas from someone else without giving credit 

·         failing to put a quotation in quotation marks

·         giving incorrect information about the source of a quotation

·         changing words but copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit

·         copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work, whether you give credit or not



Families registered are required to contribute 20 volunteer hours for the year or opt out by paying $400.00. Any volunteer hours not completed will be added to the final tuition payment at the rate of $20/hr.

In order to keep tuition reasonable, St. Anthonys Academy requires that each family participate in fundraising. Tuition is not tax deductable, but fundraising provides the opportunity for families to invite family members, friends, and neighbors to support SAA, or to make a tax-deductible contribution themselves.
Each family is required to fundraise $500 annually. Opportunities include getting monetary donations from local
businesses/individuals, collecting donations for the Mayfest Raffle, selling raffle tickets, purchasing advertising space in the Mayfest program, contributing or collecting coupons for the Mayfest program, or completing the Beekeepers Youth Scholarship program & donating the beekeeping equipment to SAA.


We have an almost-no-homework policy - we have no homework other than some moderate reading assignments.. We want our students to have time to play, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the world around them after spending their day at school.



A focus on exams and grades alters the way students learn, making learning a means to an end rather than a good in itself.  This contributes to a view of school as a necessary evil on the road to commercial success rather than a joyful discovery that forms the soul. In addition, student anxiety over grades and exams is on the rise nationwide, contributing significantly to the teenage depression/anxiety/suicide epidemic. 

Rather than exams and grades, at SAA Parent - Teacher discussions & progress reports will be scheduled for three times a year, with a written overall assessment for the parent at the end of the year.

The child (with the parent present) may also receive feedback on her work and how she is doing once a semester, or more often if the student is ill prepared or not doing his/her best.

Emphasis is placed on honest, diligent work to the best of one's ability and the excitement of discovery.

Although we have no regular exams throughout the year, we are partnering with Classical Learning Test (CLT)* to assess the students  and to mark their progress at the end of each year. We will not be "teaching to the test"; we believe our students will excel because they are learning how to think and they love learning. Through the CLT, parents can also see how their students are doing compared with other students across the nation.

*The Classic Learning Test (CLT) is the new standard for college entrance assessments. It is designed for high school juniors and seniors. The CLT takes two hours, and tests for grammar, literary comprehension, and mathematical and logical reasoning; it also contains an optional, ungraded essay portion.

The CLT10 is the official preparatory exam for the CLT. It is designed for high school freshmen and sophomores. The exam takes two hours and tests for the similar content as the CLT, at an age-appropriate level and with fewer questions of the highest difficulty.

The CLT8 is an assessment designed for 8th grade students preparing for high school. Some high schools administer the CLT8 as an entrance exam, and it can also be used to monitor academic progress (both individual and school-wide) for 7th and 8th graders. The exam takes two hours and tests for grammar, literary comprehension, and mathematical and logical reasoning. 



If field trips are to be taken, parents will be asked to sign permission slips for each trip. Drivers will keep the permission slips and emergency contact forms for each student with them on field trips.


All teachers, assistants, and parent volunteers must submit to background checks

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