Martial Arts Practice


As Catholics, we believe in the importance of caring for the whole person - mind, spirit and body. We know the importance of the physical, which is emphasized even in our Liturgy with aromatic incense, the processions & prostrations, & the action of covering ourselves with the sign of the Cross, to name a few examples.

Particularly in adolescence, when the body is growing rapidly, the hormones & chemicals are finding balance, & the need for movement is greater, we want to teach our students proper outlets for their energy.

Studies have shown that physical activity is closely linked to mental focus, & that starting the day off with healthy activity can increase attention & respectful behavior throughout the day.

Although we will be training in various forms of athletic disciplines corresponding with the current module, martial arts will be a regular pursuit. The martial arts have proven to increase self-control, respect, focus, & endurance. Dr. Neri, who has studied Akido and other martial arts in the UK and China, will be guiding the students in the martial arts, with instruction in Latin and Greek, each morning from 8:00 until we being Liturgy of the Hours at 8:45 a.m.

For students who are interested, we will also take advantage of the local Police Athletic League's evening classes in fitness, boxing, & archery for a nominal fee. For those who live locally, transportation to these activities may be provided or arranged by the school.

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