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Our flagship Houses

In the 2022-23 school year, St. Anthonys Academy's fourth year of operation, students will be enrolled in the first houses of our house system: girls  in St. Helena House &  boys in St. George House.


The House system is a traditional part of English schools in which the School is subdivided into "houses". At enrollment, each student is assigned to a particular house to which she or he will belong from then on. Each house has its own patron saint, colors, & symbols.

 This system promotes community & close friendships, as well as encouraging the older students to lead by example and the younger students to admire and learn from the upper schoolers. One headmaster of an English-style school - Brighton College Bangkok - David Tongue, writing in an editorial, described the team-spirit engendered by school houses this way: "This camaraderie and solidarity is second to none and the benefits of this vertical interaction, where the young look up to the elder and where the elder look out for and support the younger, are profound." Houses also engage in good-natured competition with one another in sports, debate, and other areas.

In each house an upper schooler is assigned the role of prefect; the prefect has some amount of authority, helps with organizational tasks, & acts as a leader in various capacities. 


Our goal is to eventually have two to four multi-age (lower school and upper school) houses of 12 girls each, & two to four more of 12 boys each.  For now, we are beginning with one girls' house, St. Helena House, named for St. Olga of Kiev (who took the name Helena when she was baptized), and one boys' house, St. George House. You can read more about our house patrons here 

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