Our Day

a sample of what a typical Monday - Thursday school day looks like at St. Anthonys...

8:00 am - Martial Arts, Latin, & Greek
8:45 am - Singing the Psalms in Byzantine chant
9:00 am M,T,Th- Quadrivium (Mathemathics)

Students work to complete their individual work plans at their own pace using a Montessori program (The Adolescent Math Institute) designed to take them through geometry & algebra, incorporating some statistics, probability, number theory, trigonometry, calculus, & music theory. As they work, they will be called into individual or small group tutorials for assistance & assessment.

10:00 am M,T; 9:00 am W; 11:00 am Th - 
Trivium (Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric)

Students sometimes attend a lesson brainstorm & work through a new tool and work individually to complete their writing assignments at their own pace. As they work, they will be have access to the tutor for assistance, assessment, & further lessons from the Lost Tools of Writing program.

Humane Letters

Students do school-wide reading, individual reading, and attend seminars to discuss the good and great books of the Western tradition. Tutors model exploration through thoughtful ussion, pursuing Truth rather than pontificating with canned lectures and ready-made answers.

12:00 noon - Singing the Psalms in Byzantine Chant
12:15 pm - Lunch & Leisure
12:45 or 1:00 pm - Natural Science, Practical Arts & Fine Arts

Students will receive lessons in & explore various areas (bee keeping, gardening, animal husbandry & behavior, natural medicine, ceramics, knitting, silver service, wood working, bronze smelting, building, arboriculture, calligraphy, iconography, etc.), keep nature journals, & engage in hands-on, experiential learning. Students may work individually or together

2:45 - Clean up & Folk Music/Poetry
3:00 pm - 3:15 pm- Pick-up

On 1st, 3rd, & 5th Fridays

8:00 am - Optional Confessions
8:30 am - All School Divine Liturgy
9:30 am - The Restoration of Christian Coffee 
in conjunction with the Society of St. Catherine

Students gather with teachers, parents, & visitors in the parish hall after Divine Liturgy to serve coffee, welcome guests, & hear esteemed guest lecturers speak about various interesting topics.

10:30 am - Weekly Wrap-up

Navigator's Counsel: students meet to discuss any issues, business plans, etc. followed by time to work on completing/assessing/writing their work plans and memorizing poetry or speeches.

12:00 noon - Singing the Psalms in Byzantine Chant
12:15 pm - Lunch & Leisure
12:45 pm - Folk Music
2:00 pm - Folk Dancing
3:15 - Clean up & Chores
3:30 pm - pick-up
On 2nd and 4th Fridays:
8:30 am - All School Divine Liturgy
10:30 am - Weekly Wrap-up
12:00 noon - Singing the Psalms in Byzantine Chant
12:15 pm - Lunch & Leisure
12:45 pm - School outing or visiting specialists

There will be scheduled field trips to museums, artist & artisan studios, cultural activities, hikes, etc.. or specialists in various fields will be invited in to demonstrate their trades to the students.

3:30 pm - pick-up
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