Music & Dance

Music is integral to our curriculum & revered as the Queen of the Arts. Of all the arts, music is the one that communicates most directly to our soul, & it has the most powerful influence over us, for good or for ill.

At St. Anthonys' we primarily focus on liturgical music & folk music, with some study of classical music & music theory.

The students will learn the ancient tones of the Divine Liturgy, the Liturgy of the Hours, & other liturgical hymns as we sing them on a daily & weekly basis. They will also learn & sing folk songs daily. 

Folk dance, contra dance, & swing dance will be done regularly, engaging the body and the spirit. There is nothing that calls us to truly live in the present like dancing, & it is an art that we must cultivate. The occasion of the dance also requires the cultivation of courtesy, respect, courage, kindness, & patience.

Some Friday afternoons will be spent learning and doing various folk dances, as well as learning to play and sing folk songs together and performing them in a street busking program.