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The modules run in a three year cycle:

The Wine Dark Sea - The Ancient World

Into the Greenwood - The Medieval & Renaissance World

Brave New Worlds - The Modern World


   Students will:

- engage in the ancient pentathlon to develop physical virtues

- train in pankration (the ancient art of unarmed combat) to hone resilience,

     wit, strength, & timing

the Muses

 - Homer's Odyssey

- Plutarch's Lives

- Hesiod's Works & Days

- Virgil's Aeneid

- Herodotus' History

- Sophocles' Oedipus

- Shakespeare's Midsummer

      Night's Dream;

            Comedy of Errors


- students smelt bronze & produce ancient weapons, tools, & jewelry

- students explore transition metal chemistry, oxidation, & the properties of various metals


students will

- create ceramic ware for use in the school & to sell in the Agora (marketplace)

- engage in storytelling & painting through the decoration of urns & bowls

- transition metal chemistry & oxidation is further explored               through glazing

                 & firing

Wine & Oil

   students will:

- explore permaculture principles

by growing grapes, olives, etc.

- explore organic chemistry, acids, & bases through the making of wine & vinegar & examining interactions & reactions  in cooking & other applications

- explore the benefits & problems with fermented products to encourage healthy & virtuous habits

- learn about the significance of

     feasting & fasting in ancient &

                 modern cultures


         students will:

- develop a sense of strategy through a series of war games set around ancient battles

- explore history & politics through decision cases set in the ancient polis

- explore arithmetic & probability through statistics &


             within the game 

Music & Dance

         students will:

- develop grace & stamina while learning healthy ways to relate through folk dancing

- sing both liturgical & folk music, learning to hear the differences between major & minor scales as well as the modes - Ionian,

         Dorian, & Phrygian


   students will:

- learn about navigation by the stars, sun & moon using sexton & bearings

- seasonal changes are observed & related in detail in nature journals & related to the position & cycles of the sun & the moon

- exploring the constellations &

    the mythology surrounding


The Wine Dark Sea

the ancient world


   Students will:

- create, grow, harvest, and prepare various goods to sell in the marketplace

- memorize the speeches of great rhetoricians to recite.

da Vinci

& Fibonacci

   students will:

- study the writings & drawings of Leonardo da Vinci & Fibonacci

- attempt to construct some of da Vinci's designs

- come up with some designs of their own

- look at the Golden Ratio & see how it applies across disciplines

- hone their skill in drawing

       geometry, & physics

the Cannon

- the New Testament 

- Tolkien's Sigurd

- Tolkien's Beowulf

 - Shakespeare's Henry V

- Ballads of Robinhood (Anonymous)

- Mark Twain's Joan of Arc

- Tolkien's Gawain & the Green Knight

- Sigred Undset's St. Catherine of Siena

- Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice

- Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe

- Mortimer Adler's Aristotle for Everybody

Additional possible Texts:

- Chretien de Troyes' Parzeval

- Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English Peoples

- St. Athanasius's St. Antony of the Desert

- Robert Bolt's A Man for All Seasons

St. Julian of Norwich's Revelations of Divine Love

- St. Hildegard of Bingen's Physica


- students will study the battles of Poitiers, Agincourt, Orleans & more

- explore history, politics, & probability through war games


students will

- explore the permaculture of the forest, gathering plants and fungi to make tinctures & salves

- plant and tend to various trees, learning what they need to thrive

-  learn the plants of the

       forest & their uses


   students will:

- craft a long bow (using algebra & geometry

- measure trajectories & ballistics (using algebra & physics)

- build skill, patience & resilience

       through regular archery



   students will:

- explore Young's Modulus in various types of wood (using algebra, calculus & physics)

- learn about the properties of various types of wood

- practice wood carving

                  & relief

Into the Green Wood

the medieval & renaissance  world


         students will:

- learn about creating parchment from animal hide

- learn about color theory & the chemical make up of various pigments as they make their own paint

- craft their own brushes from animal hair

- learn about various styles of manuscript & calligraphy as

        they create their own 

Ballads & Balls

   students will:

- learn to sing various songs of the period

- explore instruments of the period & the mathematics behind the music

- compose their own ballads

- learn Medieval dances & 

       practice them


   students will:

- create wood carvings, manuscripts, inventions, & drawings to sell

- gather, grow, & harvest items to sell (eggs, honey, produce)

- make tinctures, salves, & more

      to sell at market day

under construction...check back soon


   students will:

the Library

- Jack London's White Fang

- Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn

- Dickens' David Copperfield, Hard Times, 

- Poetry of Gerard Manly Hopkins


- students will


students will



   students will:



   students will:


Brave New Worlds

the modern world

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