Our Location 

"Before buildings, before books, even before students, a school is a gathering, often of just a few friends, learning together, who love the same things and love to reflect and remark about them in conversation."

- James S. Taylor, Poetic Knowledge

Although Montessori and Senior both talk of farm programs in the countryside, not everyone is able or willing to live in the countryside. We would like to develop the ideas of these great educators for an urban environment, calling city-dwellers to connect to the earth, the seasons, beauty, and real life within the polis

Our organizational model is unique—we  are using the House System, which is not common in the U.S. but is popular in England and other countries.

Each class of 12 students will meet in its own house, and each house will also be home to House Parents.  We want to maintain the atmosphere of a “casa”, as Montessori called her classrooms, never  the cold, institutional feel of many modern schools.


Our short term goal is to get one additional house or build an additional classroom space on our current property. The construction of the classroom will provide the students experience with mathematics, construction, engineering, and design.

At present we are working on crowdfunding through GiveSendGo for a building - 

If you would like to make a donation to our building fund, we welcome any and all help!.