Employment Opportunities

Part Time Mathematics Tutor

This position requires 12 per week, 9:30am-12:30am Mondays through Thursdays whenever school is in session.

Responsibilities Include:

Mondays through Thursdays

  • 9:30 - 12:30 am - give instruction/assistance in Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, etc.t moving through lessons in such a way to allow students to do their work in class. 

  • If the student fails to get her work done in class, it may be finished as homework, but as a rule we work to avoid homework

  • As a student completes her work, you can check it and offer any needed explanation while the other students are working - you should not have grading to do at home

  • See the big picture, keeping the end goals in mind as you develop individual learning plans with students

  • Instruct students in Geometry, Algebra, and possibly Calculus, Statistics, Trigonometry, etc.

  • familiarize yourself with the Montessori method of teaching (https://www.greatworkinc.org/adolescent-math-institute-1)

  • When useful, to use manipulatives to help build understanding before moving to the abstract

  • Look at the needs of the individual students, helping each to learn in the way that best suits him or her.

  • If necessary, learn new things along with and/or in order to instruct the students

  • Think creatively in classroom management, planning, and problem solving

  • Deviate from the conventional educational model and take up our policy of little to no homework & no grades 

  • Practice positive discipline and TBRI (methods in which we will give instruction) rather than rigid authoritarianism


Job requirements:

- A strong Faith - You will need to encourage and instruct students in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church, to uphold the teachings of the Magisterium in word and in action, and to be a worthy example for them to follow

- Dependability - You commit to showing up at least five minutes before work every work day so that you are ready to begin class on time consistently. You miss work only if seriously ill.

- Professionalism - You commit to behaving in a professional manner with the students, parents, and your fellow faculty. This includes addressing fellow faculty by their titles and surnames, dressing modestly & appropriately, using discretion in sharing personal details & in conversation topics, and being on time to work and to meetings.

- Cheerfulness - You will need to be able to keep a positive attitude in the face of adolescent angst

- Flexibility - You will need to be able to cope with unavoidable changes or student need for assistance/redirection and be willing to work with students who need a different approach

- Consistency - You will need to uphold and enforce school rules consistently, with kindness and firmness, for the benefit of the students and the environment of the class

​- Creativity - You will need to think outside the box, particularly in order to deal with students who have learning or behavioral differences in ways that address their individual needs

- Responsibility - You will need to complete a state background check before 30 September, and to act responsibly in regard to the students' welfare and to your given tasks, seeing them through to completion. 

You commit to attending all of the following:

1.  school-sponsored staff trainings

- Positive Discipline Training 18-19 September

- Up to two Montessori Mathematics trainings

2.  faculty meetings - Thursdays 5pm - 8 pm 

3.  Teacher orientation (28 August, 9 am - noon)

4.  Student orientation (9:30 am - 12:30 pm, 2 September)

5.  Parent orientation (7-8 pm, 2 September)

6. Quarterly parent-teacher-student conferences (see the school calendar for details)


Desired but not required qualities include:

  • Experienced in working with adolescents

  • A practical knowledge of calculus, engineering, design

  • AMI or AMS Training in Montessori ages 12-18 years/ interest in training 

  • An educational background that includes Montessori school, Gregory the Great Academy, Wyoming Catholic College, and/or the University of Dallas

  • an advanced degree in mathematics

  • experience teaching mathematics to high schoolers

Please email your CV, a character reference, and an employment reference to: lara@saintanthonysacademy.org