We are a school for 12 to 15 year olds, uniting classical studies with experiential learning in the Byzantine Monastic Tradition.

Our goals are:

- to encourage an abiding love of Christ & the virtues He models

- to reawaken wonder through regular encounters with beauty

- to revive the innate love of learning through lively encounters with the great books & nature

- to heal the imagination through carving out time for true leisure, quality participation in the arts, & eschewing computer technology in favor of the real

- to thoughtfully meet adolescents where they are, helping them navigate burgeoning adulthood by intentional instruction in community building & developmental neuroscience

- to build a like-minded, Catholic community of families committed to these same goals.

We are not a school for everyone. We are departing from what has become the standard in conventional education - we have no homework, exams, grades, or technology. Our goal is to marry the educational philosophies of Maria Montessori and John Senior with the living Faith of the Catholic Church in the Byzantine tradition without bowing to the fear of deviating from the [broken] norm.

We are not just providing classes for our students, but nurturing a community of like-minded friends in pursuit of Beauty and Truth. When you join St. Anthonys Academy, you commit to pursuing this end with us. We hope to meet together to build up friendships, discuss books or articles, share meals, sing, dance and encourage one another in our Faith and our communal goals. We work together to create an environment for our families that is pure, beautiful,, connected to creation, and understanding of every stage of development.

Please read about our mission and vision and about our educational philosophy carefully to determine if St. Anthonys' would be a good fit for your family. If, after reading, you believe the answer is yes, please contact us to set up an entrance interview.


During graduate school at the University of Dallas in 2000, I read James P. Taylor's book Poetic Knowledge and John Senior's Idea for a School. Everything they wrote about reawakening wonder & imagination, pursuing Truth through Beauty, and connecting to creation put into words something I had been longing for all of my life.  My ideas about education were forever changed, and I decided then that I wanted to open a school inspired by the philosophy of these men. 

Between that decision and 2020, many other things contributed to the growth &  development of this dream - I traveled widely, read a great deal more, taught at various conventional schools & institutions, married an amazing man who embraced this idea wholeheartedly, and became acquainted with Montessori as my dear friend was trained (& then opened a beautiful school, which my children have all attended).

Life has kept us very busy, but the idea of this school remained with us. Now that our children have reached middle school and we want them to have this sort of education, a personal motivation has been added to the theoretical dream, and St. Anthonys is the result. We believe that the world needs many small schools like this to help heal souls & make education what it should be - a joyful discovery "to teach us to love what is beautiful."

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