We appreciate every donation given - each one is significant in its support of the work we are doing to offer a healthy education for the whole person

*We are a 501C3 non-profit corporation & all donations are tax deductible - donation acknowledgement letters will be sent in January for all donations made the previous calendar year.

Your donations will help us

- cover scholarships for students

- cover practical arts supplies

- cover teacher training programs

- cover operational costs

crowd funding
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wish list

 We would greatly appreciate it if you have any of the items below that you are willing to part with, or if you would like to purchase a gift for St. Anthonys from Amazon:



-garden tools

-garden gloves, wellington boots

-garden/potting soil




- hoses/irrigation supplies



-paving stones





-beekeeping suits

building supplies

-wood - 2x4s, 4x4s



-pipes/plumbing supplies





-paint brushes


- woodworking tools



wood planer



safety glasses                     we got them! thanks!


- tin & copper

-casting mold

-casting tools

-oxy-acetylene blow torch

-delft sand

-safety glasses


-classic books - Shakespeare, Dickens, Plato, Aristotle, Aristophanes, Hesiod, Plutarch, Homer, Dante, Austen, Pushkin, etc.

-how-to books: woodworking, metalworking, gardening, landscaping, stargazing, farming, painting, pretty much anything

reference books - dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedias

art supplies


-gouache paints

-powder pigments


-acrylic paints


-sketch books

-icon boards

-gold leaf

-deerskin, goatskin, or lambskin parchment


music & dance 

- guitars


- acoustic bass

- stand up bass

- acoustic guitars

-penny whistles



-other musical instruments

-traditional dancing costumes/shoes

animal husbandry

-rabbit hutch & supplies

-chicken coop building supplies


big donations

-property in Irving, with or without a house

- tiny house kit

-a school bus/van