Martial Arts Practice

Athletics Club

As Catholics, we believe in the importance of caring for the whole person - mind, spirit and body. We know the importance of the physical, which is emphasized even in our Liturgy with aromatic incense, the processions & prostrations, & the action of covering ourselves with the sign of the Cross, to name a few examples.

Particularly in adolescence, when the body is growing rapidly, the hormones & chemicals are finding balance, & the need for movement is greater, we want to teach our students proper outlets for their energy.

Studies have shown that physical activity is closely linked to mental focus, & that starting the day off with healthy activity can increase attention & respectful behavior throughout the day.

At Athletics Club, Mr. Krieg will be training the students in various athletic disciplines such as soccer, slack line, basketball, boxing, and more. 

Athletics Club will meet from 3:30 to 5 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays when St. Anthonys is in session.

Those who want to participate in Athletics Club only are not required to enroll as St. Anthonys students and are exempt from volunteer hours, family fundraising, and enrollment/supply fees. If you are enrolling in Athletics Club only, please fill out the form below rather than completing the enrollment paperwork.

Tuition is $800 for the year for non-St. Anthonys students.

(Tuition for students enrolled at St. Anthonys is $400 per year)

Please print, fill out, and return the forms below (Emergency Care & Release of Liability and the Transportation Permission Slip) to 1221 N. Irving Heights Dr., Irving, TX 75061 to complete your enrollment process.

Emergency Care & Liability Release

Transportation Permission Slip