Practical & Fine Arts

In our pursuit of the Beautiful, attention to creating beautiful art and artisan crafts is key. God, the prime Creator, made us to be creators in His image.


The beautiful things we make give glory to Him & point people towards Him who is the source of all Beauty; these things are tiny reflections of Christ, who is the Beauty that redeems us.

Art is present every day throughout our studies, from painting watercolors while observing botanical specimens to smelting bronze & crafting jewelry.

We will throw & fire pottery, hand-mix our own egg tempera when we learn iconography, & practice applying gold leaf to sheepskin when creating illuminated manuscripts. Students all try their hand at various mediums & explore the chemistry & math that are involved in art.

In the 2020-21 school year, students will have the opportunity to paint hieroglyphics on papyrus, carve wood in relief, and sculpt in clay, among other things. Wood carving will also be involved as we construct weapons inspired by the ancients. In addition, we will learn from guest artists who are invited in to instruct us & artists whose studios we visit.