Natural Science/Practical Arts Teacher(s)


Seeking a responsible, enthusiastic, cheerful, creative person with a willingness & ability to:

  • Learn new things in order to instruct the students

  • Read John Senior’s Restoration of Innocence, Maria Montessori’s Erdkinder, and preferably James S. Taylor’s Poetic Knowledge in order to better understand the vision and inspiration of the school before beginning to teach

  • Think creatively in classroom management, planning, and problem solving

  • Experiment with and help develop a holistic form of education involving such things as permaculture, gardening, animal husbandry, survival skills, bronze smelting, bow making, ceramics, etc.

  • Engage enthusiastically in hands-on experiences

  • Practice positive discipline and TBRI (methods in which we will give instruction) rather than rigid authoritarianism

  • Deviate from the conventional educational model and take up our policy of no homework, exams, or grades

  • Consider the safety of the children and the school a priority

  • Incorporate the Faith and teaching of the [Byzantine] Catholic Church into the life of the school through active participation in prayer (Liturgy of the Hours, prayer to begin the Day) & Liturgy (Friday mornings at 8:30 am,), leading discussions through the lens of the Faith

  • leading the students by example in adherence to the teachings of the Catholic Church as set forth by the magisterium, so that the students may grow closer to Christ, deeper in their Catholic faith, and stronger in virtue

  • Embrace our no technology policy without deviation - students are not allowed any phones, tablets, or computers at school and encouraged to not have them or watch television/play video games at home. Teachers may not allow students to use their phones, tablets or computers in class. Teachers may show occasional short videos helpful for instruction or play classical or folk music when it is not a distraction. This includes when traveling to and from field trips in vehicles during school hours.

  • Dress modestly and in a way that conveys respect for the job, the students, and the school

  • enforce school policy gently but firmly

  • Complete the appropriate background check

  • Remain in/Relocate to Irving, Texas or within a reasonable driving distance

  • Come to Irving, Texas during the interview process to teach a sample class and meet with the Head Mistress and hiring committee

  • Meet with parents once a semester to give them an update on how their student is doing, or more frequently if there are issues that need to be dealt with (Parent-Teacher Conferences are held in the Fall on the Friday before Thanksgiving, and in the Spring on the Friday before Spring Break); written progress reports will be given at these times, as well as at the end of the year.

  • guide the students in creating their individual work plans for the week/month



  • An advanced degree or qualification in Science, Agriculture

  • The ability to speak classical Latin and/or Greek with the students in daily instruction (for example, while gardening or working with the animals)

  • A practical knowledge of calculus, engineering, design

  • A practical knowledge of botany, permaculture, gardening, biology, anatomy, chemistry, physics

  • Artistic ability

  • Experience with keeping chickens, quail, rabbits, and/or bees

  • AMI or AMS Training in Montessori ages 12-18 years

  • An educational background that includes Montessori school, Gregory the Great Academy, Wyoming Catholic College, and/or the University of Dallas

  • Experience working with 12 to 18 year olds in an educational capacity

  • Experience with handyman/building, electrical and/or plumbing work 

  • Experience with auto mechanics

  • A knowledge of Martial Arts

  • A familiarity with folk music

  • The ability to sing and play an instrument

  • an interest & knowledge of military strategy & details of various battles

  • A serious consideration of the 3 year cycle and an effort to complete a cycle before leaving St. Anthonys


Time Frame:

Employment begins on: 3 September 2020, with our St. Anthonys parent orientation, at which teachers will give a presentation and introduction


School begins on 8 September 2020 and runs until 28 May 2021, with breaks during the year for Thanksgiving (1 week) , Christmas (2 1/2 - 3 weeks), Spring (1 week) and Easter (2 weeks), as well as major bank holidays and high holy days.


The hours for this position would most likely be Mondays - Thursdays from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm. There is the possible option of working one to three days a week instead of all four, and of some flexibility with the hours.


Employment for the 2020-21 school year terminates on 15 June 2021, by which date the teacher will have submitted written evaluations of each of the students’ abilities and performance.

A renewal of contract for the following year may be offered in the spring of 2021.



based on experience & background

to be discussed in interview