1. Carefully read about St. Anthonys Academy & go through our Handbook. If you feel like your family would be a good fit at St. Anthonys and that you and your student would be willing to agree to our policies, move on to step 2.

2. Fill out the Application Form (+ non-refundable $30 application fee) This form is for families NEW to St. Anthonys

3. If you are unable to pay full tuition, fill out the Financial Aid form

4. Contact the Directress to book an Applicant Interview for you and your student. After the interview, if we all agree that St. Anthonys' is a good fit for your family, you will be given access to the Enrollment Forms

5. Once you have confirmation of any financial aid (if applicable), reserve your student(s) spot(s) by filling out the Enrollment Forms (along with a non-refundable enrollment fee of $350).

Fill out Forms 1,2, and 3 online. Forms 4 & 5 are printable PDFs, to be printed, completed, and submitted.

6. Submit hardcopies of the following:

- your student(s)'s Immunization records or exemption (by July1 in order to avoid the $50 records fee)

- a doctor's statement of good health for your student(s) 

7. By1 August:

- Submit your $200 supply fee using Zelle (to St. Anthonys Academy, email or by check

- order your uniforms

- register as a member of our website

For students who want to sign up for Athletic Club ONLY **
**If you would like to register for the Full Program + Athletics Club,  you must complete the full enrollment packet (see the process outlined below)

Welcome to the Saint Anthonys Academy Community!