"The last ends of education...point to the mysterious bond between teacher and student who have been brought together by something other than themselves, something they both love, something that begins to encompass them both."

- James S. Taylor, Poetic Knowledge

"After much converse about the matter itself and a life lived together, suddenly a light, as it were, is kindled in one soul by a flame that leaps to it from another, and thereafter sustains itself."

- Plato, Seventh Letter

"To have shared and loved the experience of the good, true, and beautiful, through some concrete or vicarious experience is to begin real friendship, for as Aristotle observed, true friendship is based in part on the mutual love of the good."

- James S. Taylor, Poetic Knowledge

Our Mission

to educate willing adolescents

in spirit - to love Christ & His Church, pursue virtue, respect others, & pray without ceasing; 

in mind -  to joyfully embrace true academic excellence, think on the Good, & pursue Truth;

in body - to work & play well in connection with creation & each other

Our Vision

At St. Anthonys we hope

  • to instill in our students a sense of wonder, the poetic impulse to know, which "intensifies pleasure...because wonder increases desire and therefore the joy of discovery." (Dennis Quinn) "Wisdom begins with wonder." (Aristotle)

  • to teach our students to "love rightly [which is] to to love what is orderly and beautiful in an educated and disciplined way...for the object of education is to learn to love what is beautiful." (Plato)

  • to encourage teachers and students to confront one another in the truths of the subjects at hand in order to reach the remote end of education - friendship - and so be caught up in a wholeness beyond themselves

  • to form their hearts and minds in the world's great literature, learning and the arts

  • to fill them with the rich beauty of the Catholic Faith & the wonder of God’s creation and human creativity

  • to be sensitive to developmental stages and promote an environment that allows for the individual students to grow and learn at their own pace and in their own ways as much as possible

  • to allow time for rest and play, as "leisure is the basis of culture" (Josef Pieper)

  • To provide a safe place to nourish the soul, the body, the mind and the spirit.​

  • To employ experiential learning, nurturing self-discipline, self-motivation & critical thinking

  • To teach these "social newborns" (as Montessori calls adolescents) communication skills, self-calming techniques, and respect for others & self that foster healthy relationships as they learn how to build true friendships & become community

We are not just providing classes for our students, but nurturing a community of like-minded friends in pursuit of Beauty and Truth. When you join St. Anthonys' Academy, you commit to pursuing this end with us. We hope to meet together to build up friendships, discuss books or articles, share meals, sing, dance and encourage one another in our Faith and our communal goals. We work together to create an environment for our families that is pure, beautiful, and connected to creation. 

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